Fendersonic Prescription Series Phase 3D

Courtesy of Deral Fenderson:

Welcome to the new way of doing things. For so long, musicians have had to struggle working crap jobs just to fund their dreams. The lucky ones have been picked by a corporation to make things easier, but even that route has left many good artists in the dust and with a pile of debt.

My story is a little different, in that the last crap job I had nearly killed me. Yep, I was working for a timberframe housing company about seven years ago, when I had a fall on the job. Fell about 15-20 feet into the basement hole of a house we were finishing up. Had a burst fracture at T-12, a cracked scapula, and a fractured skull. Shoulda been dead. They told me that I might walk again, and I journeyed forth into the adventure that I’m still figuring out with every new day. (I’m up walking when I can with quad canes, so I proved myself in that department)

Every day since my accident has had its struggles, but I’ve done my best to keep my chin up and keep moving forward. Positivity is an amazing thing.

When I was figuring out what to do with myself last year, I had a counselor I was seeing suggest that I do something with my art. I sorta laughed, because I was always told that it should be a “hobby”. But the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. I’ve heard that you should do what you love to do, and the rest will work itself out.

That’s where your help is needed. I’m in the midst of processing what I’ve done in my 20 plus years of this being a “hobby”, and there’s actually quite a lot to share.

I devised the Fendersonic Prescription Series…. it’s like a prescription for what ails you… in capsule form. I’ve run two phases of this operation already, and so far, ten capsules have come out. In just those ten capsules, over six hours of audio excitement has been shared.

I had initially envisioned it as a weekly thing… maybe a song a week… but once I started processing my life’s work, it was apparent that the scope of things was destined to change. I just couldn’t break up bodies of work that existed as albums.

I’ve had a few hiccups along the way (like a tree falling on my house… or going without running water for four months), but all along I’ve kept my spirits as high as possible, and I’ve trudged forth. I’m not a quitter.

I also have been acquiring the tools I need to finally use the knowledge of screenprinting that I gained years ago in one of my attempts at “higher education”. I have really interesting ideas and have a semi-weird visual sense that I’m going to use on some t-shirts and art prints.

T.V. John Langworthy “Choo Choo” Nutstock 6

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